Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Art CCAA Camp - Famous Artists!

Today concluded my first week of Art Camp at CCAA! I had a great group of kids 6-10 years old who explored some famous artist and tried to replicate their ideas using a variety of mediums. Check out all their very creative and hard work. I'm so proud of each of them:)

Campers made their own painted paper and then cut and pasted just like Eric Carle!
We used the printing press to make these great monoprints

Wax relief circles with watercolor. Students measured out 3 in. x 3 in. squares.

Photomontages made from magazine cuttings, painted paper and crayon.

Hearts made from monoprint, yarn and painted paper
Wire birds and fish made from beads and wire

Canvas painted for their age

Wet on wet watercolor technique used with cut paper

Air dry clay with paint

Food packaging rearranged and changed up in marker and crayon

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Adventures of Middle School Art as a LT Sub [Part 2]

We finished up our Peruvian Weavings and Incorporations and have moved on to Asia. Our concentration is on Koi fish and their symbolism. Students first started with a wet on wet cool colored watercolor background. Next we practiced drawing koi fish and eventually worked our way up to drawing 2 fish with one of them turning to transfer onto our foam etching plate. We had a very messy fun time printing our fish all over our watercolor backgrounds and then enhancing them with warm colored pencils and at least one symbol.

The other project we are working on is a one-point perspective glue pastel drawing of Russian Onion Domes. Students had to have at least one building on each side of the road and one at the top of the road. This is a hard concept but we did great!