Saturday, April 27, 2013

Adventures of Middle School Art as a LT Sub

Life as a LTS for middle school art on a cart has it's logistic challenges as well as it's adventures. 

The students had already started sketching out their Egyptian Cartouches when I started in March. They had to either draw an Egyptian God or a human turned towards the cartouche with their name in hyroglyphics. They finished them off with details and colored pencil.

The next project was a Romare Bearden inspired paper collages in 6th Grade Art. Children were told they would get a paper bike and they could take it anywhere no matter if it was imaginary or not. The directions were to only use paper, no pencil marks showing, think about composition and use detail to create interest. For those who finished up early, children created a photo-montage from magazine cuttings in the Romare Bearden fashion.

Now we are finishing up Peruvian Weavings that we are incorporating into a background on which they think they might want to use or take their weaving. We learned how the men usually do the actual weaving, the women dye the materials and examined their wonderful patterns.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

PreSchool ART! Week 4

Boy, we were BUSY today!

After we finished up our heartstring project we started a couple weeks ago with beads, we made Andy Warhol inspired handprints with marker and paint using a grid just like Andy. We also looked at Georgia O'Keeffe flowers and made our own using watercolor and printmaking together. The children also sharpened all the crayons into wax paper and we ironed them to look like stained glass window. Lastly, we had a choice to make a butterfly or bird using feathers, marker, paper and watercolor. Like I said, we were BUSY:)

Andy Warhol inspired Handprints using a grid. Markers and Paint.

Georgia O'Keeffe watercolors with Stamping

Crayon melt Stained Glass, Mixed Media Butterflies and Birds,
Heart Strings with beads and recycled TP rolls.