Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We are making recycled sleeping mats for the homeless

At my middle school we have clubs every Friday afternoon. My club is called ARTreach where the children make art for the community. This month we started collecting recycled plastic bags, making plarn and learning to crochet so that we can make sleeping mats for the homeless.  Fortunately, my Great-Grandmom had taught us how to crochet as children. So with the help of youtube and memory I have mastered crocheting once again. 
Making Plarn (plastic yarn) from recycled bags. Here's a how to:

I've been using the cardboard center of the paper towels we use in the classroom to house the plarn. I cut a notch on one side to start and just keep wrapping. We are using gift bags to house the plarn, crochet hook (size P) and our start to the mat. It keeps the plarn from rolling across the room. We plan to make the mats about 30"x72"

Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Camp at CCAA - Clay Houses

For the past 2 weeks at Chester County Art Association in West Chester, PA we have been playing in the "mud" or really clay! We had 10 super campers age 7-10 who learned the 3 basic hand building techniques.... 1. Slab, 2. Coil and 3. Pinch. Campers made practice projects to build up to the main attraction of clay slab house. First we made a small coil pot using swirls and other shapes to create interest. Second we made pinch pot animals and learned about the all important "vent hole". Third we made small slab platters that we wedged white and brown clay together to create a cool marbling effect. Along the way "small stuff" was created as well such as slab tiles, necklace charms and fairies. Then we ended the projects with the slab houses and incorporating all three techniques together. And they are all FABULOUS!!! My kids did a great job and were super creative. Proud art teacher for sure:) Please check out their work below.
Coil Pot with Lid by Sheridan

Coil bowl by Esme
Pinch pot animals and some small stuff

Slab tiles and watercolor name plates

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Empty Bowls Fund Raiser Paper and Clay Bowls!

I just L-O-V-E these bowls we made with our middle school students. Some students made paper maché bowls shown on the right and painted them with watercolors in cool designs while others made small clay bowls  on the left and demonstrated their slip trailing techniques on them. Miss Ann and I both made the large bowls and serving platter in the center to raffle off to our staff so we could donate money as well as the bowls to such a great event in our community. The Empty Bowls organization is in communities across America and more. They hold events that help raise money for our hungry and give away a bowl to those who gave as a remembrance. Here's a link if your school or organization is interested in participating. http://www.emptybowls.net/

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Middle School ART!

In 6th Grade we have been concentrating mostly on RED CLAY! Students have made slab toad houses, experimented with underglazing techniques on small bowls, made a winter plate and even explored their heraldry with colored pencil and calligraphy.

7th Grade has 2 projects a quarter. They have a choice between a food or animal sculpture in white clay and also complete a painting with oil pastel and watercolor to go with their sculpture.

8th Grade Traditional Class has been busy these first two semesters. Projects included portraits, still life drawings and foil drawings, printmaking etchings and finally a sewn marblized paper book.
8th Grade Sculpture class have been experimenting with cardboard, wire and found object sculptures.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pre-School Young Rembrandts

Pre-School Young Rembrandts Program was a great experience for these little people. We just went step by step using shapes they know and love together. They were so excited that their drawings looked like the animals we were trying to create! Afterwards we used crayons to color our creations. Aren't they wonderful! Yeah Preschoolers:)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Middle School Art LTS Adventures

I've had the pleasure of teaching young men and women at a local middle school since February this year. Here are some of the projects we created.

Warhol's Ads to Art - One of my favorite projects to do with young people. This group was the 8th grade Traditional Art Class. Instructions were to take a grocery item and make it into art while rotating, repeating and resizing. We also worked some color theory into the project as well!