Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Camp 3-5 year olds! Animals and Young Art Explorers

Jelly Fish; coffee filters and soda 6 pack plastic

Painting Matisse Fish Bowls
Painting Matisse Fish Bowls

3 ways to use TP Rolls!

Owls, Octopus, and Heart Strings; TP Rolls!

Handprint Giraffes

Handprint Giraffes

Clothes Pin / Popsicle Stick Dragon Flies

TP Roll Owls

Popsicle Lady Bugs

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Recycled Stuff Bugs

Recycle CD Turtles

Paper Plate Birds

Eric Carle Seahorses and Snails

Foam Etching Plates; Printmaking

Prints from foam

Geometric Shaped Houses with Patterns

Stamping with Rounds; Onion, bottle caps, apples and more



Sketchbook Faces

Marbleized Paper

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