Friday, June 29, 2012

Printmaking, Bookmaking & Collage Summer Camp

Etching with monoprint background by Divya
Students learn the art of printmaking techniques such as etching, monoprint, marbleizing paper, stamping, and collograph. They will be using a printing press, hand press, as well as some old-world techniques. Their finished prints will be incorporated into collage and a finished hand-sewn book.
Collographs: Created with materials (yarn, paper, string, etc)
collaged on cardboard, sealed with glue and printed
Etchings on left and etchings with monoprint background to the right
Marbleized paper and incorporated into cover of our sewn books of prints
Monoprints created by painting on plexiglass and run through press
Stamping with natural materials and stamps the children made
Collaging using extra prints and drawings

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