Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Looking for Valentine Crafts?

I know I am:) I'm between doing heart shaped salt dough ornaments and a printmaking project using hearts. Here are some that I've collected from my own classes and others I found on other teachers blogspots.

Printmaking Hearts
This year I'm going to recycle Styrofoam meat trays or egg cartons and have the kiddos draw/press hearts and patterns onto them. REMEMBER: If they write anything, it will need to be the mirror image. After they are finished we will print them using water based printblock ink onto a background they have prepared using a handpress or the old fashioned way.... wooden spoon. I'm envisioning heart sponge stamps and maybe heart shaped cookie cutters to stamp a background together. Here is a photo of other printmaking project using this process. I'll be sure to post photos of this idea next week:)
REVISION: added heart prints photo. See Printmaking post for more information

(plate is shown on right and print is shown on left)

Heart Strings
This is a toilet paper roll painted and then cut in 3 pieces and folded to look like hearts. We then strung them on plastic coated wire with large beads.

Heart Mask
First I made a template using an old cereal box and once completed, traced onto cheap paper plates. Hole punch eyes (to cut out later) and sides for ribbon. [Make you life easier and fold 3 plates in half and only trace half the mask and that way you can cut out 3 at a time and way way faster]. Kids decorate and loved wearing these fun masks home.

Lion Heart
Using different sized and colored hearts we made a lion. Inspired by the book Heart Zoo. Kids can color background and then cut around the edges of the paper plate to make it look more like hair. Then we assembled the hearts on plate with whiskers.

Handprint Heart
Simple and easy for the little ones. From Crafty Crow
Painted Hearts
Cut out heart shapes and have children experiment with patterns and colors. From Deep Space Sparkle

Coffee Filter Hearts
Couple ways to do this one. You could have them use markers and then wet them to make them look tie dyed or you could use watercolors. From Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.

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